My most popular software packages are:

EPyT-Flow -- EPANET Python Toolkit - Flow

EPyT-Flow is a Python package building on top of EPyT for providing easy access to water distribution network simulations. It aims to provide a high-level interface for the easy generation of hydraulic and water quality scenario data. However, it also provides access to low-level functions by EPANET and EPANET-MSX.

CEML -- Counterfactuals for Explaining Machine Learning models - A Python toolbox

CEML is a Python toolbox for computing counterfactuals. Counterfactuals can be used to explain the predictions of machine learing models.

It supports many common machine learning frameworks:

  • scikit-learn (1.3.1)
  • PyTorch (2.0.1)
  • Keras & Tensorflow (2.13.1)

Furthermore, CEML is easy to use and can be extended very easily. See the following user guide for more information on how to use and extend CEML.