9 Bachelor theses, 2 Master projects, 1 Master thesis.

Organization of Exercises

Summer 2023Algorithms in Computer Science
Winter 2021/22Applied Optimization
Summer 2021Algorithms in Computer Science
Winter 2020/21Applied Optimization
Summer 2020Algorithms in Computer Science
Winter 2019/20Introduction to Machine Learning
Summer 2019Algorithms in Computer Science

Teaching Assistant

Winter 2018/19Introduction to Machine Learning
Applied Optimization
Summer 2018Algorithms in Computer Science
Winter 2017/18Introduction to Machine Learning
Summer 2017Foundations of Artifical Cognition
Winter 2016/17Introduction to Machine Learning
Summer 2016Foundations of Artifical Cognition
Winter 2015/16Algorithms and Data Structures & Functional Programming in Haskell
Summer 2015Object Orientated Progamming in Java
Winter 2014/15Algorithms and Data Structures & Functional Programming in Haskell